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We’re your team of savvy event architects, committed to creating visually stunning experiences and indelible moments that leave a permanent imprint on the lives of those we touch.

From world-class live entertainment in Southern California to breathtaking lighting services, and everything in between, we help you envision the event of your dreams and ensure that vision is brought to life. 

For over three decades, Invisible Touch has been fostering a culture of passion, innovation, and flair for the events we bring to life. From our very first meeting to the moment your guests lay their eyes on the venue space, our team covers every detail so you can focus on what matters most – being present on the day of your big event!

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The year was 1985. 

Our founder and CEO, Robert, was the drummer in a 6-piece, top 40 band. After playing a gig at a hole-in-the-wall nightclub, the owner asked if they knew a DJ who could play every Thursday night. The bass player in the band had some DJ experience, so he and Robert agreed to the position.

By the end of the night, Robert ended up with enough in tips to begin his own collection of DJ equipment. He headed to the record store to reinvest in his newfound business venture and loaded up on albums, 12-inch vinyls, and 45s.  

When Thursday night rolled around, Robert’s bandmate skipped out on the job for a date, and Robert found himself DJing solo. After some trial and error of dropping the needle on the record and hoping for good timing, Robert started to get the hang of it. And the bar crowd was pleased!

Week after week, Robert continued to DJ. His skills improved and he realized he had a way of keeping the crowd engaged on the dance floor. When his band broke up, he continued to pursue his passion for DJing, which grew into a passion for all things events. And this is how Invisible Touch was born.

Today, Invisible Touch has been in business for over thirty years. Since our inception, we’ve prided ourselves in setting the standard for quality and professionalism. When you work with Invisible Touch, you’re getting more than an epic event – you’re getting an unrivaled customer experience from your discovery call to the final moments of your event.

We could not be more pleased to have Invisible Touch Events as part of our wedding celebration!  The team's communication was thorough explaining the booking process and prompt with all inquiries. The lighting provided for our wedding enhanced the mood during the reception and added to the atmosphere.

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I was referred to Invisible Touch by a family friend and I could not have been happier with them!

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