Garrin Romero

Garrin Romero (DJ Romanero), is a native from Southern California & has been based in Orange County, CA for the past 8 years. Garrin has been involved with music as long as he can remember.  Garrin is a multitalented musician and music producer. DJ-ing came as a natural talent to him and he knew that this would be something he’d want to do for years to come. So far he was worked with big clients such as amusement park entertainment, sporting events, clubs, weddings, and corporate parties-the list goes on.

When meeting Garrin for the first time, you will feel as if you’re in good hands and comfortable around him. No matter how big the audience, he always brings his outgoing personality and professionalism. His DJ experience and knowledge is easily apparent at every event. His latest projects involve managing a team of nightclub DJ’s, building a YouTube channel, and helping upcoming DJs and artists create online media. Garrin is always looking forward to the future and believes this is just the beginning!

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