Sean Gallagher

Sean has been wowing audiences for the last 17 years with his vast body of musical knowledge. With experience as a DJ, singer, emcee, sound technician, bandleader, and more, Sean is just as comfortable on the mic as he is behind the soundboard.

An expert DJ, Sean exemplifies a modern freshness that effortlessly weaves generations and genres to enliven any crowd. He’s also been known to croon with jazz bands in his signature baritone, invoking Rat Pack era nostalgia with standards from the classic canon shared by Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, and Ella Fitzgerald.

Sean has taken part in over 400 events ranging from auctioneering with John Stamos to counting down the New Year at Disneyland. His favorite moments, though, have been his frequent collaborations with brides and grooms to create unforgettable celebrations they’ll cherish forever.

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