Denise “Zavala”, a Mexican , American female drummer/ percussionist, who grew up in a musical family has been elevating the dance floor and nightlife scene for over a decade, beginning in her home town Sylmar, CA. With Zavala’s passion for eclectic music, electrifying energy and jaw dropping beats, she has been able to perform and share the stage along side the hottest deejays and musicians from all over the world. Zavala’s timing is impeccable and can improv with any deejay on the spot. Her beats and rhythm, and love for dance music, has also been recognized by some of the top producers in the house music scene and has been  featured in a few dance tracks, releasing her very own remix -Phil Collins “In the Air” in 2021 w- Dj/Producer Brian Matrix. She has also worked her way to the elite private  and red carpet events for some of the biggest stars in the music and television industry. Zavala continues to thrive in her music career and feels very blessed to connect with others and share her talent to help give back to her community and inspire women and especially young girls to follow their dreams.

On NYE 2022 , she was invited for the first time ever to the beautiful and wondrous city of Dubai , to perform at the Atlantis NYE Gala and shared the stage  with British Pop Star Robbie Williams and the Amiel band.

Zavala just returned for the 3rd time to Dubai at the world famous Amazonico . You can catch her there 4x a week for the month of April - May 2024.

live performances